We endeavour to ensure that all of the products we supply and use on our projects are sourced to reflect our ethos and standards of quality, reliability, longevity and compliance. We look for the products and manufacturer’s with the following features around their business:

  • A sound reputation for quality and performance
  • Excellent back up and technical support.
  • An established supply network and good product availability.
  • Good company and product warranty periods required and a history of compliance
  • Company should have a significant time presence in the UK marketplace

Notwithstanding the above, we will only use any products with the MCS product standard approval, as shown on the MCS database for Solar PV or an equivalent Solar Keymark accreditation for solar thermal products. It should be noted that to achieve the necessary MCS certification for the installations and Renewable Heat Incentive payments for our customers, the products we use must comply with the appropriate standard.

Customers should always check that the company carrying out their work is using the correctly certified products to ensure that any payments from the RHI schemes are not compromised by non-compliance.

Solar PV products

Modules and mounting systems

Where ever possible we try and use a manufacturer that can supply both the mounting system and the PV modules, as part of a one stop package, to ensure continuity of warranty between the products. Historically we have used mounting systems and modules from Schuco. Recently their interests in the PV market have moved to Viessmann, another top quality German manufacturer. However, we do not completely limit ourselves to these suppliers and we are experienced at working with the likes of JA Solar, LG, Canadian Solar, Bisol and Gallium, when our customers have a specific choice or preferred supplier in mind.

For solar mounting systems requiring different solutions we have used K2, Schletter, Renusol, Hilti and Schuco products, or where the customer has a preference we can obtain a specified product.

We are watching closely the matters surrounding the development and compliance with the new Standard within MCS 12 to observe which manufacturers become fully compliant, for all of our future installations.


For our inverters we almost exclusively use the SMA models, but we are not averse to using for example Power 1 or the Fronius range. SMA inverters are more robust and reliable and are by far the leading manufacturers, with a proven track record in the industry, although a little more expensive in the first instance. We are strong advocates of their advanced installer scheme, their life shines brighter campaign. We are also now looking forward to the release of the combined battery back-up inverter components package sometime in 2014.


We use top quality isolators, meters, cables and sundries for our customers’ safety, and the reliability and longevity of the installations we undertake.

Solar thermal products

Collectors and mounting systems

Where possible we prefer to use a manufacturer that can supply both the mounting system and the collectors, as part of a single package, to ensure continuity of suppliers’ warranty between the products. Manufacturers we use include Schuco, Kingspan, Viessmann, Bosch and Grant, who have products fulfilling these requirements. We do not limit ourselves to these products, however, if the client has a particular preference and we can source alternatives from our extensive supplier network.

Pumping Stations, temperature differential controllers and cylinders

Wherever possible we will procure these items from one manufacturer to ensure warranty continuity, compliance and to ensure there is no conflict of interest regarding technical or operational matters. Not all installers take this view, with the result being that future problem solving or non-performance responsibility of any component is not always clear. We regard this as an unacceptable state of affairs and not a direction we will take with solar thermal systems.

We use the manufacturers noted above for the supply of these components where suitable.


We use top quality stainless steel pipework with pressure fittings on the solar thermal circuits and good quality solar fluid so that corrosion risk is minimal, the degradation period is not compromised and the manufacturers’ product warranty conditions are maintained.